Camacho boxes – now more wallet-friendly than ever! 


The Camacho Scorpion is one of the most iconic pieces of branding in the cigar industry – a quick glance at that beast and you know you’re about to experience the classic Camacho mixture of boldness and reliability. So it was only a matter of time before the Scorpion got a cigar of its own. Available in both Connecticut and Sun Grown, today we’re looking at the darker meat. 


My favorite Sun Grown cigars always have a ton of rich, natural sweetness, and Camacho Scorpion doesn’t disappoint. Handmade in Honduras with handpicked tobaccos, this Scorpion stings with a rich flavor profile, featuring a warm, sugary sweetness on top of black pepper spice. It’s super-rare to find Camacho boxes as affordable as this, so do yourself a favor and jump aboard today. 

Camacho Scorpion Sun Grown