Box of 10 - Toro (6.0"x50)


Way back in 2011, Alan Rubin introduced the Alec Bradley Black Market to the world at the yearly IPCPR in Las Vegas. Since then, the medium-bodied stunner has gone on to win a couple awards, and spawn a couple sequels. First up, we had Black Market Vandal — a super-charged and uber-flavorful blend imbued with an extra-special ligero strain that amped up the flavor in droves. Today, we take a look at Black Market’s mellower side with Vandal The Con, the first Connecticut-wrapped Black Market. 


The crazy packaging and gray and green color scheme might make you think Vandal The Con is a gimmick, a cigar that spent all its time on marketing and none on the blending. But you’d be dead wrong. Vandal The Con is one of the smoothest cigars I’ve ever sampled from the AB crew, thanks to its silky smooth Honduran Connecticut wrapper leaf. Each puff delivers sweet spice, creamy cedar, and slight nuttiness – a most enjoyable combination, at a price that could easily demand twice as much.

Alec Bradley Black Market Vandal 'The Con' Toro