Every occasion is better with a good cigar. Shane and Randy have known this secret for some time. In fact, many wild business ideas were tossed around over whiskey and cigars. When Randy happened upon this one, it was a no-brainer. The guys pitched the idea to their wives who, much to their surprise, got just as excited as they were. Just a few short weeks later they got a great deal on a 1973 Airstream and Old Stogie Company Mobile Cigar Lounge was born! Serving Victoria, Texas and the Crossroads area, this 31’ vintage Airstream, with its custom interior and outdoor seating options will elevate your event and impress your friends. Every inch of this vintage trailer was revamped and restored by Shane, Randy, and all the family and friends they could rope into helping. You’ll enjoy comfy benches custom built by Randy’s 78-year-old dad and walls made of reclaimed Hurricane Harvey fence slats. One could say Old Stogie Company was literally built on whiskey and cigar smoke. They’re proud of this place and know you’ll be just as proud to host your group with them!

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or lighting your first cheroot, Old Stogie Company Mobile Cigar Lounge is the perfect atmosphere. Getting married? Host the boys for the bachelor’s party or invite us to your reception! Class reunion? Our lounge is better than smoking in the boys’ room. Fundraiser or business meeting? We’ll up your stock!

Old Stogie Company’s special event rentals or business to business partnerships are just what you need. Whether you need us for 2 hours or a whole evening, we’ll work with you to create the perfect package. We’ll take care of everything from set up to tear down and give you a great time in between. Shane and Randy will be on hand at your event to help you pick your smoke and shoot the bull.  Let us help you celebrate your wedding, anniversary, birthday, or just your favorite day of the week!



And in the words of Joan Collins,

“Only fine cigars are worth smoking and only men who smoke

fine cigars are worth kissing.”



It's more than a camper ...






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